February 19, 2016


Yes, surely forgiving takes time. You may forgive, but not forget. How can you forgive, but still remembers the pain? It looks like you still hold the grudges but you trying to ignore it. You must absolutely forget all the pains, the grudges, if you REALLY forgive someone. 

That's why nobody is perfect. 

Same goes to me. I once had a fight (not really a fight haha we girls do have some complicated things over some little things). So, I was quite hard to forgive her. I don't know why, but I felt that it was unfair if I was the only one to make the move; which is forgiving her, while she did not even asked for forgiveness. She was the one who make a mistake, but she did not even bother and acted like nothing happen when she knew that she did the mistake. It took months for me. 

But then, I had deep thoughts (yes, I sleep late at night to have so many thoughts lol)

"Nobody is perfect. She did a mistake, not often, just once or twice. How could I treat her like she is doing a crime?"

And, I looked back old photos in my laptop. Ahhh, I feel like 'yes, I lose'. I lose with the memories. There is a lot of photos of us together, and asked myself, "do you want to end the friendship over little things? you have lots of things to do together in the future, so why not just forgive and forget?" Then, I realized, all these while, it was only an ego. Ego kills the friendship.

People do mistakes. Forgiving is not a crime, it will kill the ego. Most important thing, you will live happily :)

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